Best way to earn crores quickly through Provident Fund Scheme

Post Office has introduced so many saving schemes that can make the people millionaire. People want to stay away from share market and mutual fund in present time but they want that their saving also  increases  rapidly. This opportunity is given by Post Office, it has so many saving schemes which can make people millionaire. This saving scheme also helps people to save their income tax.

                           Public Provident Fund is that scheme of Post Office which converts small schemes of people into big one. The amount submitted into this account incurred with good interest and apart from this it also has two benefits.
                           First one is saving in income tax and second one is when this amount is incurred then all taxes remains free. If any person invested in this scheme and make the profit of 1 crore then he has not to give any tax during the maturity year.


There is 7.6 % interest incurred in Provident Fund Scheme  this time. This scheme is of 15 years which cannot be closed in the mid-years. After the submission of 12.5 thousand rupees,1.5 lakhs of amount can be saved in income tax into this scheme.
                         You can also start from 7500 rupees in this scheme. In provident fund,if only the amount of 7500 is submitted every year then within 1 year then the amount of 1 crore tax free fund..  in provident fund will be prepared. Interest of 7.6% is incurred from starting investment of 7500 rupees. investment onto 30 years every month will make the amount of 1 crore. This fund also be increased to 5-5 years.
                       provident fund is the scheme of 15 years but this can be increased to5-5 years after completion of 15 years. In this way if anyone want to invest for 30 years then he have to increase the scheme 3 times with 5 years. In this way this scheme is applicable at the time of retirement of people.
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