Melting Cheese Maggi Noodles Dosa

Cheese maggi noodles dosa is a street foods you will find in east mumbai(the commercial capital of a country). The main ingredient which are used by dosa waale bhai is lots of cheese. cheese flows from their dosa. you will forget eating extra cheese pizza after trying this cheese dosa.

Egg Bhurji

If you are a true egg lover you will never want to miss this bhurji. This bhurji is you will find at Mohammad Nasir Pavbhaji and Bhurji Centre,Mumbai. Mr.Nasir cook eggs with lots of indian spices, butter and vegetables and serve this mouth watering dish with toasted bread and butter.

litti chokha

Litti Choka is a famous dish of north India. Sattu and onion wrapped in flour served with chokha(made with vegetables), fried pulses and pure ghee. You will find this mouth watering dish almost in every street of north India and I bet you can't get enough of it.


Jalebi is a sweet this that you find in every street of Varanasi. it is made up of wheat flour deep fried and than soak in sugar syrup. it is very crunchy filled with lots of sugar syrup and with every bite of it your mouth will get filled with delicious sugar syrup.


Malaiyo is a sweet indian street food mainly sold during winter season. it is made up of milk and cardamom and  on top of this you will find lots of pistachio. your taste bud will feel little bit foamy after eating this. it is served in clay pot.

Delhi's Paratha

Delhi's parathas are so famous that a street itself named as paratha gali. Deep fried paratha served with delicious vegetables and salad. you can't espace from smell of oil and aroma of indian spices in this lane. you will find every kind of parathas here. this lane is so famous even big celebrities and foreigners come to taste parathas.

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