How To Prevent Hair Fall And Baldness

Hair fall and baldness in adult human beings can occur due to several reasons- which includes many factors such as changes in hormones, age factor, lack of nutritional intakes, medicines, increasing pollution in metro cities. but you don't have to worry changing your diet can bring positive results.  According to a research, a plate full of healthy foods can enhance growth of your hair and prevents it to fall.

So if you want healthy, shining and long hairs, Fill your plate with these items:


Hair fall and baldness

In a study, it is found that mineral deficiency is the main cause of hair loss among women. It is important for a women to fill your plate with all necessary vitamins and minerals to ensure healthy living and strong hairs. and including spinach in your diet will give you great results. Spinach is rich in iron and it contains sebum, which facilitates conditioned hair. The green leaf consists of omega-3 acids, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium.


Hair fall and baldness

Mainly hair falls because of low omega-3 in the body.To keep your body free from inflammation start consuming Salmon. Salmon consist of anti- inflammatory property that prevents your hair fall. and enable growth of your hair and keep it shiny and full.


Hair fall and baldness

Oatmeal contains plenty of fiber, iron, zinc, omega-3, iron, fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which makes your hair long, healthy, shiny and thick.

Greek Yogurt

Hair fall and baldness


A thick, white and full of protein yogurt will not only give awesome taste to your taste buds but also facilitates hair growth. Greek yogurt contains vitamin B5 (also known as pantothenic acid). with its consumption blood flows through your scalp which let your hair grow.


Hair fall and baldness

Eggs contain biotin which is also called vitamin B. which not only make your hair grow and shiny but also strengthens brittle fingernails. lack of vitamin can be the major cause of hair fall. eggs are also good remedy for weight loss.


Hair fall and baldness

Carrots are rich in vitamin A. They offer several benefits to your hair as they help your hair to grow and at the same time they provide strength to the hairs and make it shinier. Carrots also make your skin glow and protect you from night blindness. Try to drink 4 to 5 glass of carrot juice daily.



Hair fall and baldness

Guava is rich in vitamin C which prevents your hair from breaking and it also strengthens your hair. In a study published by researcher in a Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology they tested women with thin hair, the women were kept under observation and were given vitamin c. After the research, it is found that there was significant hair growth in women. We often think that oranges are the best source of vitamin C but one guava contains a power of four to five oranges alone.


Hair fall and baldness

Lentils are packed with high protein, zinc, iron and biotin, they also have lots of folic acids. To restore the health of red blood cells our body needs folic acid that supply skin and scalp with hair-lengthening oxygen.


Hair fall and baldness


Oysters are rich in zinc and zinc is an important mineral for overall health. lack of zinc in the body can lead to hair fall including eye lids. Taking zinc supplement especially by women can improve hair loss with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). apart from oysters beef, crab and lobster are also rich in zinc.


Hair fall and baldness

As we have mentioned earlier lack of iron in a human body can lead to hair loss, especially in women. apart from soybeans, lentils, fortified grains, pastas, livers are also a very good source of iron. filling your plate with organ meats like liver will give you healthy, long and shining hair that will make everyone jealous.

Lean Poultry

Hair fall and baldness

Protein is very necessary for human body. deficiency of protein sometimes leads to shrinking and undergrowth of muscles and hairs. Without sufficient dietary protein, hair essentially goes on strike. Your hairs will fall tremendously without growth of new hairs and as a result, you will face net hair loss. It is necessary to acquire protein from chicken, fish, grass-fed beef or lean pork loin. these products consist of less fat and more protein which will give new life to your hairs.


Hair fall and baldness

Barley are rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin E is a type of antioxidant that can absorb harmful ultra violet lights and protects your skin cell. Eating barley also helps to repair your scalps from damage caused by sun due to which your hair becomes thin. In a research people suffering from hair loss were kept under observation for eight months. during this period they were given different types of vitamin E supplements including barley. after study improvement was found in 34% of the people.

Bok Choy

Hair fall and baldness


Eating lots of bok choy will increase your ferritin levels in blood because they are super rich in iron and this will prevent hair loss and baldness. Eating Bok choy are suggested by many of Dermatologists for treating hair fall related problems.

Sweet Potatoes

Hair fall and baldness

Sweet Potatoes are rich in beta carotene and this protects against dull and dry hair. It also facilitates Sebum which is an oily fluid present in your scalp. Orange colored fruits such as pumpkin, orange, mangoes, carrot, cantaloupe are some other fruits that contain beta carotene.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Hair fall and baldness

According to a study published in the year 2012, low intake copper mineral can lead to graying of hair before age. Copper helps to maintain natural color of one's hair. seaweed, shiitake mushrooms and sesame seeds are rich in minerals like copper.


Hair fall and baldness

You not only need iron for your healthy hair but also another important mineral magnesium. Magnesium keeps your hair shining and strong. Halibut and many other types of fish contains plenty of magnesium.


Hair fall and baldness

If your hair is thin and you can't help it. try using honey it can thicken your hair. According to a study some patients suffering from seborrheic dermatitis ( scaling, itching, and hair loss) were kept in observation. They applied 10% water and 90% honey on their scalp every single day for four weeks. after four weeks they reported improvement in hair fall.
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